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Çilek has the GS Quality Certificate issued by LGA in Germany for products that meet the highest safety and quality standards GS, the most advanced product safety and quality certification that a brand can receive, is accepted throughout Europe and the world. From ergonomics to child safety, durability against the standards of the materials used, Çilek products are certified with the GS Certificate after a difficult process. Çilek products, which are designed and produced according to advanced child safety standards, are manufactured with high technology using anti-carcinogenic materials in accordance with European Union standards.

Çilek keeps children health and safety in front of everything. Çilek products pass maximum safety tests. The furniture produced by Çilek in accordance with the E0 standard have TSE E0 conformity certificate indicating that the carcinogen is not active by TSE.

Çilek has CE certificate in Electrical accessories. It has REACH certificate for packaging materials. Çilek, has a conformity report for paint and edge bands used in metal and plastic materials according to the RoHS Directive issued by the EU and EN 71-3 toxic element analysis. Cilek also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certificates.


All products with Çilek brand are under Çilek Warranty against deterioration, breakage and fading caused by production. Çilek, provides full control over the entire production process. So it offers extremely high quality and reliable products which are convenient, stylish, comfortable and, worth the money you pay. Specially designed Çilek brand products are produced with high technology standards. Behind this guarantee is the Çilek Team working for quality materials, advanced technology, careful workmanship and excellent design.

Please read carefully the usage instructions specified on the products. Deterioration such as tearing, peeling, cracking and wear that will occur because of improper use, handling or cleaning are out of guarantee scope.


Çilek Furniture has observed the ability to offer unique designs as an indispensible value within the company culture since its foundation. Çilek Design Hub is the first and sole firm in the sector that has received a Design Center Certificate by being approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. It is a design hub that is composed of industrial designers, architects and graphic designers at Çilek General Directorate/ Istanbul headquarters, as the “core”, the “hub” of design. It has collected all product, graphics, visual merchandising and store design processes, starting from the emergence of a product up to the time it meets with the customers in the stores, in-house under a single roof, and has assumed the goal of generating a single, common language. The design team appends its signature under unique, ergonomic, innovative, entertaining, qualified, safe and environment friendly designs, which decorate the dreams of teenagers and children, observe their needs, and offer new feelings and new experiences, with the motto of “producing dreams”.

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